Sell Work protective gloves
  • Product:Work protective gloves
  • HS Code:40159010

PVC gloves, Nitrile gloves, Nylon gloves,  latex gloves, Laundered by DI purified water and packed in class 100 cleanroom. ESD gloves, PU coated ESD gloves, Cut-resistant gloves.

PVC gloves, 100% PVC (Latex-Free), powder free, 5 mils thickness, 9inch or 12inch. 50 pairs/box.

ESD gloves, polyester and conductive fibre, palm with PVC dots or without.

Nitrile gloves, 100% Nitrile (Latex-Free), powder free, 9inch or 12inch, 50 pairs/bag.

Nylon gloves, 100% Nylon Material, Excellent elasticity, Washable

Cut-resistant gloves, high performance, made of high tenacity high modulus PE fiber(bulletproof fiber), weaved by high-density computerized glove knitting machine, and treated with PU resin coating on the surface.



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